Saturday, June 28, 2008

Social Transformations

A Lesson on Human Society

Chapter: Human Society

It’s not that hard to define. Very simple.

It’s the same complex food chain effect found in nature.

… Butterfly being eaten by frog  Frog being eaten by snake  Snake being eaten by vulture …

In order that all those who are to be saved need these bloody rule of elimination badly.

Now draw a picture based on the above scene. You just need to replace the animals by various social classes, genders, cultures, religions, sects, bands, groups, political organizations such as governments, NGOs, Anarchists, Communists, Capitalists, Post Modernists, Artists, Naxalites, Corporate, Mafia, Management Guru, Marketing Consultants, Laymen, etc, etc, etc.

And when you finish drawing, colour the figures carefully.

Bankrupt Minds

Streets are
Moving cars

They too
Want to run
Run and win

Coming out of chimneys
And are seen again

Sky is not the limit for
The sky itself

In fact
Limit is something like
You wait in vain

Everybody has to
Participate in
Cruel race
Of survival

If you stumble somewhere
Rests are bound to
Run past your body
Making you
And notorious enemy
Of game

Life is a game
With rules
To be broken
Each moment

You can win
You can lose
You can never leave

Black Hole Song

We said-
Let there be light!
And there was
Darkness everywhere

Is a mask
Wore by worn darkness

This light alike light
Sheds light
On our dark existence
On the dark limb of
Milky Way

It’s our face
Sheds light
On our dark backs

In a hanged over morn
Universe brushing its teeth
With the paste of motion
Sees its drowsy face
On the glass
Painted by our blood

Hip-Hop ghosts of
Sing eerie songs
From within
Black Holes
Holed inside
Walls of complexes

Civilized Robot dances
With despaired heart
With all time silent cat
Of time-space

Robot knows
What is
And how to pay respect to and
How to love it?

Loves us
We use them
And get used to them
We become machine

Welcome my son!
Welcome to machine!

A Real He

He grabbed
The dust of
Primitive thoughts
With his
Blissful Techno-Palm.

He wanders
On that
Rush and aloof
Post-Modern road.

Time chews
Sour bubble gum
of Winds of Change,

Blood drops from
Hypnotized eyes
Just as a song
Drops in

His orphan dreams
Drag his future
On global market floor.

He walks.
He eats.
He drinks.
He runs.
He falls.
He flies.
He dies.

Inside a simulated
Audio-Visual lab
A student of class three
Was asking
A question
To her virtual guru-
Did he become the ‘He’
Which he wanted to be?

-A real He.