Monday, October 26, 2009


Music Flows River

Music is the only storyteller
That glorifies the story of dumb times

Rhythm of conversation between granny and grandson
Fills the material sounds with silence

Silence glows like a distant planet
When music
Touches the unseen blades of hungry words

Music is drunk like wine by them
Who never
Fight own war
For they are always warriors of others

Let there be music
In every solemn villages
Forgotten by dynamic civilization

And now- music flows river
From the top of the hills of their pains

Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

“O babe, babe
It’s a wild world”-Cat Stevens

Believe me- I smile at your image
Just to embed my distress

Feeling down
In this gloomy evening

Only if you were here
With all your strengths
Then with all my weaknesses
Would have felt warmth
Of meta-emotion of still cornerstones

Looking at moon
I burn my sights
So that
I could imagine there’s no country
No Hell
No Heaven
And no walls

Speech turns off
From the words
Of ever advertising market

No hell seems more hellious
Than this
Paradise of paradoxical greed

I need you to make me able to heal me

I feel like a winner
When I think I’ve nothing to lose

I feel like a winner
When I forget to win

I feel down when I’m not able to see
What else always lingers on my back?

Wish You Were Here
Wish to see my dark side

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Courage of Saying No

This wild and beautiful world is suffocating
For so many Yes’s

Nobody says no to No’s
Nobody bothers
Who dies of his gorgeous Yes
Her beautiful Yes

Yes to the Yes’s
Yes to the No’s
Yes is Yes everywhere
It’s alright

Everybody thinks that everything is in order
But they merely pretend of perceiving Yes

Everything isn’t right
But we say-
Everything is gonna be alright
Ok Ok

And now can you see the dangerous face of Yes
That rapes the dignity of No’s

Every Yes isn’t always positive

Who’ll say No to content minds?
Who’ll say No to flirt masks?
Who’ll say No to seducing prejudices?
Who’ll say No to ill myths?
Who’ll say No to established truths?
Who’ll say No to blind eyes?
Who’ll say No to horrific peace?
Who’ll say No to toxic democracy?
Who’ll say No to paralysed development?
Who’ll say No to barbaric civilization?
Who’ll say No to dead dreams?

The problem the world faces
Is not drugs
Nor Global Warming

Almost everybody is master in art of saying Yes to the world
The vacuum of courage of saying No
Is gnawing all real Yes’s

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Divorce Paper

Before the silence
Inside forbidden cradle
Just as surreal dusts of
A cheap cigarette
A proletariat ash tray, old

After the aftermath
When silence broke its silence
The ideology and practice
Were signing
The divorce paper
In the court of ‘market’

The gigolo storm came
Like a loser
Leaning head

The old storm
Is now
In deep remorse

The gizmo flower holds
A handful of toxic air
Inside its heart
To die
An early metadeath