Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Tale of a Numb Planet

Once upon a time
There was a nice young girl
She used to be a
Gorgeous planet

She was so cute
Comets were driven crazy after her
Shooting stars would tease her
Every night
Even the distant galaxies would
Gaze her possessively
Stars would fight with each other
To marry her
And aliens tried in vain
To kidnap her

She is getting old now-a-days
Getting dry
Getting dull

She is
About to die

Numb she was

She was
Raped by
A mad star
During an obsessive epoch
Of hunger and thirst



-Amino acid-


Prodigal sons of Sun
Loiter around wittily
In search of
Sucking the blood
Of illegitimate mother planet

Doesn’t shed tears
Nor she cries aloud

She is neither hungry today
Nor thirsty
She has nothing to get
Only to give
And give
And to give away all

She still gives
To her prodigal offspring
What she holds
Inside her
Pale body

When she was a charming girl
Planet had posted
A letter
About her dreams
Stamped with love
To a distant planet

She still sees
That alien planet
In her dreams

Every evening
Her prodigal sons
Return home drunk

It’s cheap and common-
Every home sells
Toxic wine of civilization
Served with
Snacks of blind development

Old deserted planet-
She has nothing to win
Only to lose

She is brave
She has nothing to worry about

She is comfortably numb