Friday, June 27, 2008

Confession Corner

I’m Normal This Way

I forget others
And only remember myself.

Its just opposite.
I remember
All the others
And flatly forget myself.

You all may accuse me
Of being abnormal.

But friends!
Believe me
I’m normal this way.

In Crossroads

I am

One day
I’ll be there-

By the bank of
That silent river.


By the edge of
Your watery eyes.


Let my sun catch cold
When my moon sneezes

Today that I weep
Not weeping
At all

Today that
I walk on a circle
Of straight thoughts

Let me live
My life
In integrity
With others
With myself

Is There Anybody There?

Is there anybody there?

I need a glass of water
A glass of normalcy
The day was full of anxiety
I wanted to have some talk
To feel relaxed

After all
This is a complex world-
No one needs to be complex
In asserting this

All of us live simply
In this chaotic earth

Anarchy is banned
Only in laws
Not in real life:
Celebrate anarchy
With uncomplicated complexes

One has to search for order
With disordered eyes
A child is born
With a brain of man
Who knows-
What is inside
The mind of catlike life?

Clarity is liked by all
But complexity attacks it like
A virus of computer
You dump that with antivirus software
In virus vault
Again a new virus assaults your PC
Need of new kind antivirus again.

These days
Nobody asks simple questions

How can the questions like-

Are you sure?
Do you feel glad?
Do you trust yourself?
Are you going back home?

-Be simple today?

Everyone feels bad
In goodness of times

All feel happy
Being sad

Nobody likes to be called bad
But goodness is not in demand

I’m badly in a need of an enemy,
Who can make me jealous of others
Even myself

Is there anybody there?


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