Thursday, July 03, 2008

On Confusion

Cannibal Times

I’ll eat you all

World has become
So much religious
(Even physics!)
And living so much expensive

You all are gods
Gods of your own world
I want to listen to your
Frustrations first
Wish to see
Before your own porno self

Go and
Sleep with the capitalists
In a city of communal riots

Class struggle
Demonstrates itself in
Class adjustments

All are violent and disturbed
In this risky
Peaceful co-existence

Democracy is
What people earn
Just as a bonded labour earns his privileges

I’ll eat you all

I see me
In all of you

I see nothing
While I look at myself
Though I see
A lot

My mirror
These days
Scare me

I can’t keep gazing sky

Keep away that sky from me
The sky falls
On me

Cyborgs in Stone Age

The world has lost its art
And real smile

The world has abundantly
Made sophisticated weapons
To kill and to be killed
Fewer medicines to save life

The world has its machines
Equipments, gadgets
For more efficiency and much effectivity
And for entertainment

The head is still there
But the world has lost its heart

‘Cyborgs’ -
Half human-Half machine
-Live in Stone Age
Where they hunt for profits
In everything
In love, in charity
Even in relationships

Emotion was stabbed to death
With Intellect-knife

Nobody is bare
Nothing uncovered
Even air and water are not transparent
Everything is covered with
Clear confusions


Fear of self
Is much deeper than
Fear of known enemies

We are running away from us

Shooting stars
Go away from planet


It’s very difficult to face self
It’s hard to deny verdict of own mind

It’s easy to decieve self
But tough to escape punishment

Search of joy
Disrupts us at
All directions

A call comes
From unseen abyss
Of self

One runs away from that call
There is no looking back

When eye opens
Everything seems to be devastated
You try to pick your belongings
But ash comes into your hand

Others are running
Everybody is running
One should run
Run away
From self

Who’ll Bell the Cat?

Everybody is correct
Everyone justified
All is well
All intentions are pure

All are feeling
Life has become
Hell with complexities
And much show offs

We all know that
We wear our personalities
All around in society
We see
Masks after masks
Masks below masks
Masks above masks

I’m scared of my hidden self
I hide myself behind this mask

We are safe
We are masks

They’re just returning
From rally
Shouting slogans

It’s raining
They’re getting wet

The fascist cat is roaring like
A tiger

All are aware
All are convinced
That they’re
The ultimate prey

The question is-
Who’ll bell the cat?

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Shibu said...

The poems are wonderfull & hope i will see more classic poems from your end........

Shibu Chettri
Himalaya Darpan