Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nano Level


We see
The visible

We hear
The audible

We touch
The tangible

[And this and that]

We live
Like this

When our life
Lives in us
When there is
Nothing to be seen
Nothing to be heard
Nothing to be touched

At that time, too
We see
We hear
We touch
Even invisible
Even inaudible
Even intangible

It’s because
Don’t ensure the truth
Don’t guarantee a pure living.


Don’t blame
Don’t blame it
Merely for namesake.

Its ‘being’
Has no any name
At all.

Not to have any name
Not to have any face
Not to have any space
Not to have any colour

Is to have a lot of things

A lot of affairs
A lot of difficulties
A lot of reasons

Names are imposed
To nameless
As the punishment to the innocents

Faces are implanted
To faceless
As the ideology to emotional society

Don’t blame
Don’t blame it
For it is nameless

Pedagogy of Life

They took blood

They took sweats

-Gave tears

They took to-morrows

They took to-days

-Gave yesterdays

They took almost everything

Left nothing

Now that

This Nothingness
Is the capital
The sole weapon

We’ll fight back
We’ll come back

We are waking up
To the morn

Pedagogy of our life tells that
Light rays
Always don’t propagate
In straight lines.


Are always there
Of a new
To be born.

But when-
Nobody knows
As because
Time only metmorphosises.

Keeps record
Of our
Vicious Circle
Of dynamic narratives.

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