Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quark Poems



It has already started
To rain
I’ve just started
To learn
Alphabets of Rain


I keep on feeling
That I think
Thought by all

My outcast thought
The caravan of thoughts

Doesn’t know
Where to adjourn


Even time contracts

Aren’t the skew streets of life
Too stretched and too boring to walk?


Can you join
The pieces
Of your emotion

It seems just like
A jigsaw puzzle

Have patience
O passionate man!


I just called
In your cell
To say
I hate you


You may visit my blog
And send response

I’ve posted
An appealing article
On something
Which may really
Irritate you

Irritate others
And let be irritated



Ruined were the friendly oases

This time
Enemy Mirages
Treated us sincerely

Mirages simply told us that
Mirages should not be confused
With water


Solemn wishes
Were shot to dead

Curfew and blackout ruled
In the village of justice

Nobody knows now
How exactly should a rational behave?


Today that I walk straight
On circumference of a circle

Let time
Shrink on my still palms


Order came
And they opened fire

Bloods drop on the soil
Like Dews

The last sigh
Song of the road


Nasty efforts
Cannot compel
My story to be faded into oblivion

I could never forget myself
I’m not to be
Defeated again and again

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