Tuesday, November 18, 2008

White Holes

White Holes

There are holes
In the air

Small holes
Big holes
The most confused
And the most fatal
Medium sized holes

The holes are white
As white as
Her lost handkerchief

Their divorce paper
Is white
Just as the hole in the sky

There are holes
In the air

Uncle likes to keep
White moustache
He never puts on anything
To blacken moustache
Always white do not mean
It may also indicate
Some deadly wars
Without red bloodsheds

Wars are planned
In White House of America

Awful white thoughts of status-quo
Always keep on embedding our living minds
Like the white cloth covers the dead body

There are holes
In the wholes

In fragments

So whole is never a whole
Of something

Fragment is
Subject to much more
Much more fragmentations

Holes in the space
Pave the path
To the most awaited
Times to come
Which never come
In reality

There are holes
In the air

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