Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peoples Poem

Torn Apart

They have given us
Their specs
So that
We see through
Their visions

Encroached are
Not only our eyes
But minds and brains too

Sensibilities have already
Succumbed to lunatic injuries

Liar tongues
Spit the words of
Commitment and sincerity

Peoples embedded
By hypocrite space-time

Nothing is true here
To truth

Todays sing Swan-Song
To a tomorrow which’ll
Embrace us with
The real freedom
True emotions
And accurate sense

Ivory castles and corrupted palaces
Are seen being decayed
Brick by brick
Blood by blood
Boundary by boundary

All the time
We were torn apart

They tore us apart

Tore apart
Our labours
Our houses
Our relations
Our struggles
Our histories

They and their existence
Are torn apart

Is there any whip of oppression
Which shall stop
The forces of resistance?

The answer is with you
My dear


binod pradhan said...

people say so be it,no one says be it, but just compromise -no way

brillant poem////////

My FrEedOm,MY ReVoLuTIoN said...

dada i got to know about your blog through my friend binod i've become a huge fan of your's kewal ch dada le tapai ko bare ma kura gari ranu huncha i really hope to meet you someday and learn many things form you