Saturday, January 14, 2012

We can’t forget everything

We can’t forget everything

We can’t forget everything

We remember mostly those things

Which we like to forget forever

Why this world is not round even in its roundness

Why a toiling man can’t differentiate

Between tea and blood

Why tyrants look like messiah  

Why straight is not straight

Could you clear my confusions

Could you

I am not talking colour

Though, life is blue

Its like a kite

Flying free

For its shape, weight and threads

It has to remember always that

It has to come down to ground

Ride it safe

There are zigzags on the road

Like road of a serpentine hill

There are ups and downs in lives

Either you fall down like a slave to fight back

Or you are dragged like a king

You are a conqueror

If you can only make decisions

If you dare only to choose

This is not the last time that

You are hoping for well

This is not the first time that

You are feeling worse

This happens times and again

They pretend that

On the top of tombs of history

On the top of all civilizations

But we are able to realize

From the bottom of the society

That we are living in the times when

A dawn behaves like a dusk

We can’t forget everything

And it’s still not too late

To reach to conclusions

That all is not well

That something is missing

That history really needs a push

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