Friday, July 11, 2008

On Fear


A wet man is not afraid of rain
But he may be feeling so

There are confusions
All around the hometown
All around the nation
All around the globe

And there is clarity, too

It’s just like this

In feelings
And ideas

This is only the clue

The road of life
Is like a rope
Either you fall down yourself
Or you may be the champion of the show

This is not the last time
That you are hoping for the fine
This is not the first time
That you are feeling worse

It’s still not too late
Realise own mistakes
Before the dawn begins

Before the dawn behaves a task
Start digging on the road you would walk

Start joining your broken wings
Before the scattered dreams
Go far away from one another

Look at the flowers blooming inside you
And inside others
Believe it or not
I’m not telling an ugly truth

Every strength has got
A limit of its own

You can’t guess
Everything every time
Anything may happen any time

A dead man is not afraid of death
But he may be feeling so

1 comment:

Anoj Pradhan said...

hey its me Anoz

It's really very nice poem. I was really searching and had some queries to know about fear. But now i am very satisfied when i read ur poem about fear. It's really very nice. There is no any comment on it. I like it very much and only this one each and every one. It's very practical and indeed.