Friday, July 11, 2008

On Time

Time Dies Slowly

Who the hell knocks
Continuously on the windows?

Who injects venom
In the veins of time-
Of this mighty time?

Time dies slowly
But nobody sees time dying

Time weeps behind the moons
Hides in the books
Mingles with the foods
Sleeps inside the boots
Changes with the moods
Time dies slowly

Time crawls beneath the houses
Burns with the cigarettes
Blossoms upon epitaphs
Lies on the streets
Jumps between the gaps
Time dies slowly

Time dies slowly
But you never know-
How slow is it?

You can never measure-
How long does it go?

Time reborn fast
How fast
You can never experience

It’s also true that
Time dies silently
Like sea gulls sailing in the sea
And I ask one question
To none other than me
Who injects venom
In the veins of time

Is it really a crime?
An hour slips unseen
Inside our vanity

It’s 1 ‘O’ Clock at night
A century dies of AIDS
In the bed of dirty history

It’s time to bid farewell
To the time fading slowly

Get up from the graveyard
Nightmares are madly crowding

Who the hell knocks
Continuously on the doors?

Timely Questions

1 O’ clock: What’s the time now?

2 O’ clock: Whose time is this?

3 O’ clock: Have your time come?

4 O’ clock: Can you hold this storm like time?

5 O’ clock: Time bends time- is it so?

6 O’ clock: Are you simply killing time by killing nothing?

7 O’ clock: Have you decided your time to go?

8 O’ clock: Do the time stops itself sometimes?

9 O’ clock: Which time shall you come back?

10 O’ clock: Aren’t you time?

-Time is asking
To you

Wake up dear
Its already 11 O’clock now
You are too late
Get up, stand up
Answer her-

Just now!

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